Julian Wilson Interview

Carving Out The Future

Julian Wilson... extreme surfer and one of the rising stars of the Australia's pro-surfing ranks, gives us the low-down on his new surf flick, recovering from injury, battling groupies.... and the Sushi Roll.... 



AM: So you recently busted your ankle, how’s the recovery coming along?

JW: Recovery has been coming along pretty smoothly. I spent the first two
and half weeks doing physical therapy in the U.S (where the injury occurred) and now Im back home following through with the rest of the physio here.

AM: You’ve been filming for your upcoming movie ‘Scratching the Surface’,
has your injury set the filming  back?

JW: Only as long as the injury will last, but its nothing major in the
grand scheme of things. You can always look back and wish to have gathered
more footage but I’m happy with where we are at right now and excited to get
the movie finished.

AM: You’re known for your epic airs, like the ‘Sushi Roll’, you been working
on anything new we can look forward to in the film?

JW: Yeah i'm always trying new grabs and different variations of the
aerial. I’m stinging to land a double rotation (720) alley-oop.

AM: Speaking of the ‘Sushi Roll’, how did you come up with that?

JW: Well at the time I was trying to learn the rodeo clown which was already a
well known maneuver and whilst trying that the ‘Sushi Roll’evolved. It’s
basically a rodeo clown with a little extra jazz.


AM: Have you ever tried any of your tricks on a snowboard or skateboard?

JW: I think alot of my airs have come from my skateboarding background.
Just by picking it up at a young I age how to do all the different grabs and
learning how to get pop off the lip as well as air awareness.

AM: You picked up the Australian Junior Longboard Title when you were 14,
are you still using those beasts?

JW: Yeah every now and again I like to jump on one when I’m home and
hanging out with the family up at Noosa heads. That’s where I grew up surfing
and riding short and longboards in the first place.

AM: Are we going to see some longboard airs soon?

JW: Not from me, haha..... longboards look ridiculous in the air!

AM: What’s the worst injury you’ve had?

JW: I had to have surgery on a dislocated tendon in my left ankle in ‘08 which
left me hanging for about 3 months. Also had a broken leg when I was about 15
but it didn’t seem too significant at that time....Injuries are never fun!

AM: What do you do to keep yourself sane when you’re injured or there’s no swell?

JW: When there’s no swell and I’m healthy you can find me on the golf course, at the gym,
riding my dirtbike or in an airport! Haha!

AM: What’s the best part about getting paid to surf, the groupies or the money?

JW: Neither. Its getting to surf everyday! I have a girlfriend so I don’t get caught up with any “groupies” and wouldn’t have a clue what my bank balance is.

AM: You’ve been winning a few titles lately, what’s the next one on the list?

JW: My goal this year is to qualify for the World Tour next year so that’s going to mean doing well on the qualifying series. A couple of titles this year definitely wouldn’t hurt!

AM: Whats your fave break?

JW: Green Bush in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. It’s an amazing left hand barrel that’s really tricky and challenging! We scored it perfect this year when filming for my movie “Scratching the Surface”. And I’m really keen to see if it looks as good in the film as it felt at the time!

AM: Fave destination so far?

JW: California rules for me. Not so much for consistent good waves but just so many fun things to do.

AM: Maddest wave you’ve ridden?

JW: I don’t go after the mad stuff too often but I was definitely scared towing into Teahupoo when I was 16 with Laird Hamilton and Raimana.

AM: What does the future hold for Julian Wilson?

JW: Chasing world titles and getting kids stoked to surf!

AM: Thanks for talking to Apollo, mate, and good luck in 2010!

JW: You’re welcome, look forward to checking out the mag!


Harvey Ferle

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